This meticulous design comes in size variations equipped for any track surface.

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A balanced design that can handle most situations with both performance and longevity 


An excellent tire for indoor and outdoor tracks.

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30 Years of Experience in the GoKart Industry 

Indoor go-karting is already tremendously popular in Europe with quickly growing popularity in the United States. Today, Indoor Karting has evolved into a year-round, multi-leisure activity combining sport, recreation, and entertainment. Indoor Karting provides competitive challenges, exercise, and a place for relaxation. The sport offers the opportunity for social interaction, as well as providing the perfect venue for family entertainment, and corporate team building. 

We control performance and quality from start to finish. 

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Over 30 Years Experience

DeCuzzi Tire combines over 30 years of kart racing with 12+ championships to bring you quality go kart tires that preform with consistent lap times with durability that lasts.