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Our newest compound designed for optimum durability on tracks which have a diamond ground or sandblasted surface. The 7+ adds approximately 100 hours to life expectancy of the tire and can be used on electric karts as well as gas karts. The 7+ tire is also a favorite for outdoor asphalt tracks where grip and durability are important. 7+ tire to provide consistency in lap times and grip from start to cord. This will result in more frequent re-rentals and consistent fleets you and when half the fleet is on new tires and half the fleet is on old tires. We've seen an increase of 20% in re-rentals since tracks have used this compound.   

Our number seven tire is unique tire design for tracks that typically have a heavier rental Karts for example an electric go kart or for tracks that have an asphalt surface and put a lot of stress on cornering. These are specially developed and design tire which are more difficult amounts but have less sidewall deflection in the ability to handle the extra loads of tight tracks and asphalt surfaces without ever losing grip and still providing extreme durability and performance throughout the tires life cycle. These tires may on average see up to 460 hours from new two cords. New for this year the number eight tire also encompasses a new all-natural rubber compound which is seen over 3800 heat cycles and still provides the same performance as the day they were new.

Recommended for Sandblasted and Asphault Surfaces


Learn About Our Tire Compounds

  • Soft

    A tyre designed for barely treated surfaces such as concrete. 

  • Medium

    The perfect tire for diamond ground or sandblasted surfaces.

  • Hard

    A tyre designed for barely treated surfaces such as concrete. 

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DeCuzzi Tire combines over 30 years of kart racing with 12+ championships to bring you quality go kart tires that preform with consistent lap times with durability that lasts.  

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