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Softest Compound


The Number 4 and color red represents the softest, fastest, and grippiest racing slick tire we offer.
The SL stand for Super Light

Fast, Grippy and Light weight

Our softest compound tires is our number 4. These racing slicks offers maximum speed and grip in the corners. With our incredibly low durometer and super lightweight design, the competition doesn't stand a chance. Designed for shifter karts and sprint racing. Works best on CIK-FIA chassis

Go kart type

Fast gas outdoor go karts


Sprint Karts

Go kart tire sizes



Life in hours*


Grip level

Highest grip

Side wall strength


Number of plys

4 Thin

*All life in hours information was determined and tested in specific optimal conditions and is not guaranteed

All Compounds. Racing. Slick. Grippy. Hardest Hard Medium Soft and Softest Compounds 10x4.

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