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Go Kart Tire Inner Tube

4.10x3.50-5 Go Kart Tire Tube. Tractor Tire Tube Tire Inner Tube. Fits perfectly in Stens, Maxxis, Kenda, SakaMoto, Lichfield Specialty, and Bigfoot Go Kart Tires
4.10x3.50-5 Go Kart Tire Tube. TR-87 valve stem. 90 Degree Inflator Valve. Designed for Stens, Maxxis, Kenda, Sakamoto, and Bigfoot go kart tires.

I - Series

A 4.10x3.50-5 Go Kart Tire Tube. Heavy duty and light weight butyl tube. Designed for 12x4.00-5 Go Kart Tires. Supports heavy go karts, lawn mowers, scooters, farm equipment, and more. The 90 degree inflator valve makes inflation quick and easy. It is the ideal go kart part, lawn mower part, or scooter part.


4.10/3.50-5 Go Kart Tire Inner Tube

90 Degree Inflator Valve

For quick and easy inflation


Go Kart Inner Tube

Lawn Mower Inner Tube

Scooter Inner Tube

Load Capacity

Tire dependent

Recommend Air Pressure

Tire Dependent

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Go Kart Tire Sizes 10x4.50-5, 11x6.00-5, 11x7.10-5, and 12x4.00-5
All Compounds. Racing. Slick. Grippy. Hardest Hard Medium Soft and Softest Compounds 10x4.

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