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Race Day Tips: Race like you Practice

Cadet go kart racing

Being the fastest and coming in first place are two things that immediately come to mind when you think of racing. We know this because we design the DeCuzzi Tires brand for endurance and speed. Wanting to be the fastest, wanting to win at all costs, however, is a detrimental mindset. While it is good to be motivated, it is important to mentally prepare yourself for the race and focus on fundamentals.

Have you ever heard the phrase “practice like you play?” This is often told to people who compete in all sports from soccer to swimming. According to Ross Bentley, “If you’re testing or driving an endurance race where you may not want to drive right at the limit, you should still be 100 percent focused, have 100 percent concentration” (Ross 124). Ross advocates that it is important to bring your game to the practice track because you will teach yourself how to drive a certain way. If you practice casually and leisurely, you will certainly drive that way on race day. That is why you must give it your all whenever you jump in the kart to teach yourself good habits

After you’ve mastered the track by yourself, it is important to not get carried away and forget the basics when racing. Derek Daley explains “Hope is not a good strategy when it comes to motorsports.” He believes that wishing to win and throwing good judgement out the window can affect your driving. Daley believes in learning at your pace and getting to know your vehicle before racing. After all, everyone grows at their own rate, and over time you will grow as a driver.

Remember that being a go kart driver means having patience to learn yourself and examine your own strengths and weaknesses. You will internalize how to drive and master the track, but only when you are mentally present and concentrate on learning to be the best driver you can be.

Check out Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets: Professional Race Driving Techniques and Derek Daley's Hope is Not Strategy for more great tips.



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