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All Compunds DeCuzzi Go Kart Tires.jpg


“I can’t believe it took me this long to find such a good tire! Our customers love the improvement in how the karts handle. Attached is a picture of my kids who really enjoyed their tire tests! Chao."



“Do you have any rears yet? The fronts work as well as MG yellows but last much longer. I love them."


“Wow these tires are amazing .... I was skeptical at first and my team made fun of me when looking at them lol...then I did some sessions and I was pleased with them. The tires are really good, I liked these better than the Bridgestone’s. I am trying to make a deal with my local team on making these spec tires at our track. I will be ordering more once I get thru these 48 tires., for personal use, but I have to finish the rest of these tires, you are going to need to have a constant supply of these tires.” .” it may take a long time because I am getting way more life out of these tires and they keep coming back to life it’s like they have unlimited heat cycles, I have worn these down to the cords and still get better grip than the Bridgestones."



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