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5 Tips to Make Your GoKart Handle Better

When racing multiple go karts, it is important to make the correct adjustments to make them drive better and relatively the same. DeCuzzi tires always strives to make tires that always allow your go karts to perform at a quality level. Here are five tips from us to help make your go kart handle better:

1. Adjusting the Front End (Balance)

When you steer your go kart, you want the left and right turns to feel the same. If they do not feel the equal, it is possible you need to fix your front end. This is a normal problem and it can be adjusted quite easily. Make sure to fix these problems in your go kart as soon as you detect them because it is important to balance the weight of it.

2. Your Ackerman Adjustments Matter

Ackerman steering makes the front tires turn at a faster rate than the inner ones. You should be aware of how you adjust your kart because the Ackerman changes the way the kart steers. If the Ackerman is lessened, the kart will go slower and require more power to turn; if it is increased, the kart will go take turn faster with less strength. It is important you find a healthy balance between the two outcomes to ensure your riders can keep control of their go kart.

3. Check Your Wheels

The amount your wheels is sticking out from the front of the car is called the kart’s amount of Camber. If the tires are leaning into the kart, it has a negative camber. If the tires are leaning outwards, the camber is positive. Go karts are designed with a ½ negative camber, which is the typical amount for the design. However, when the conditions are wet, you can give the go kart more camber because it gives it more grip.

4. Use Higher Rear Ride Height

When adjusting the chassis, use the higher rear ride height. This will give the rider more grip and prevent over-steering.

5. Tyre Pressures

It is recommended you has between 10psi and 14psi. It is true the higher the psi, the more grip your kart will have; however, apply too much psi and your kart will be harder to control. One of our speed secrets is to keep adding pressure until the kart stands to get it loose. Then drop your tire pressure down by 1 lb and you have found the optimal tire pressure for that compound and track for that particular day. The balance between grip and straight line can be more than 2 seconds if you get it right.

Use these five simple tips to get started on adjusting your go karts. Everyone at DeCuzzi tires knows it is important to understand how to make your karts move easy and fast. Hopefully by following this guide, your karts will run smooth in no time!


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